AudioFormz EVO Sound Bar

When AudioFormz set out to build our own sound bar we wanted to make it different, unlike anything out there using outside the box thinking. We had two primary goals...exceed expectations and outperform the competition! Audioformz has done just that, raising the bar with our new EVO series of sound bars. These new breed of high performance sound bars meet demands of pure power sport and marine enthusiasts by using top quality components, class leading features and unmatched reliability.  Our new EVO sound bars have redefined what a "soundbar" should can expect awesome bass response and crisp highs with unequaled efficiency.  We do this using and all aluminum tuned enclosure, 300W of amplified power, proprietary Bluetooth controller and class leading Audioformz EVO speakers with RGB lighting! And we didn't stop there! cause we know there is room for more. You can add another set of tower speakers (upon request) to plug into your sound bar for the ultimate in sound bar output! So go ahead and compare AudioFormz EVO sound bars to the competition...we think you will agree that nothing performs like Audioformz!

  • All in one sound bar system with a simple two wire hook up
  • Aluminum 1 piece housing gloss black powder coated to withstand the elements of mother nature
  • Machined aluminum clamps milled from solid chunks of pure aluminum alloy
  • Audioformz Bluetooth controller with Aux input (upon request)
  • Audioformz 500W max amplifier with battery volt meter and top mount controls
  • Audioformz Certified Marine Grade EVO 6.5" speaker designed for the powersport and marine enthusiast
  • Built in RGB speaker LED lighting with remote control, for lighting customization on the fly
  • Stainless hardware, waterproof fuse holder and connectors used throughout the entire system
  • One year limited warranty.
  • 2 models to choose from AFSB265Evo & AFSB265Evo-BTM.
  • Audioformz AFSB265EVO model used for upper bar mount to hang(tower bar etc).
  • Audioformz AFSB265EVO-BTM model used for lower bar mount sit on top of bar.
  • Audioformz AFBTR7 Bluetooth controller for wireless Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Simple knob operation or use phone for easy operation.
  • Audioformz flush mount amplifier with battery volt meter for real time voltage.
  • Audioformz Evo65 RGB speakers, marine grade to withstand mother nature.
  • Audioformz RGB LED controller with remote.
  • Over all weight 17.5 LBS
  • Over all Width x Height x Depth (21"x 10"x 9")
  • Clamp mount spacing 16"
  • pdfAFEVO


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