Kawasaki Mule Pro-FX Roof Top Stereo Systems (2015-current)

Kawasaki's newest most versatile and hardest working SxS's available...now get one of the most versatile and loudest stereo tops designed specifically for it!  Check out the AudioFormz roof top stereo system for the 2014- current Kawasaki Mule PRO-FX! Manufactured from solid hand-laid molded fiberglass, it is one of the lightest yet strongest stereo tops on the market today! But wait, it gets better! Our Mule PRO-FX stereo top has some very unique features that no other stereo tops have on the market today! Need to tilt the bed?  Not a problem with our stereo top installed!  Like it real loud?? Then upgrade to our  larger  8" EVO2 speakers!  Want it even louder?? Upgrade to our 8" Carbon Fiber EVOPRO2 speakers for an additional 3 to 4 db gain! Want it even LOUDER??  Add our ultra efficient, high power flush mount digital amps! Need more lighting?? We offer numerous front, rear and interior LED lighting packages using our proprietary flush mount, ultra efficient LED lights! Want bluetooth??  We offer bluetooth media players and controllers to wireless stream your music from your phone to your radio or try our own compact AF-BTR7 bluetooth volume controller!  And if that isn't enough, our top installs in 30 minutes or less with the supplied mounting hardware and a simple two wire hookup!  This is your stereo top...build it like you want it and remember nothing performs like AudioFormz!
  • Manufactured in the USA from 100% hand-laid fiberglass!
  • Class leading, lightweight, aggressive molded design ensures a tight, snug fit on the roll cage that only Audioformz can deliver.
  • Optimum air space inside stereo top engineered for maximum bass response and overall sound quality that sets the standard in the industry.
  • Features bullet liner durable polyurea black texture finish to protect from the most trying conditions
  • Design allows up to four (4) 8" interior front passenger speakers
  • Strong enough to walk or haul gear on top of roof to load feeders, etc.
  • Comes standard with our new EVO marine and powersport speakers.
  • EVO2 & EVO PRO2 include built in IC LED lights and 1" Titanium tweeters!
  • Add our optional patent pending IC Led speaker rings for more custom lighting!
  • Wireless stream music from phone with AudioFormz or Nav-Atlas bluetooth players!
  • Optional front and rear flush mounted, proprietary high powered dual 10W cree LED lights in all aluminum housings offer maximum install flexibility and superior resistance to damage from low objects
  • Includes efficient flush mount LED dome lighting.
  • Separate switches installed for radio, dome, front, and rear lighting.
  • Installs quick and easy with supplied hardware and clamps and two wire hook up
  • One year limited warranty on all electronics and stereo top.
  • LEVEL 1 - Top, Audioformz BT Radio, 4-Audioformz Evo 8" speakers.
  • LEVEL 2 - Top, Audioformz BT Radio, 4-Audioformz Evo 8" speakers, Audioformz FM550w amplifier, 6-Front flush 20W LED lights, 1-Rear 20W LED light.
  • LEVEL 3 - Top, Audioformz PMC-2 BT Radio, 4-Audioformz Evo2 8" IC LED speakers, IC Led controller, Audioformz 550W flush mount amplifier, 6-Front flush 20W LED lights, 1-Rear 20W LED light.
  • LEVEL 4 - Top, Hertz HMR20 BT Radio, 4-Audioformz Evo2 8" IC Led speakers, IC Led speaker rings, IC Led controller, Audioformz 800W flush mount amplifier, 8-Front flush 20W LED lights, 2-Side 20W LED lights, 1-Rear 20W LED light.
  • LEVEL 5 - Pro Top, Hertz HMR20 BT Radio, 4-Audioformz EvoPro2 8" IC Led speakers, IC Led speaker rings, IC Led controller, Audioformz 800W flush mount amplifier, 8-Front flush 20W LED lights, 2-Side 20W LED lights and 1-Rear 20W LED light.
  • AudioFormz stereo tops now include our industry leading  EVO Speakers!
  • Finally, a true power sport speaker engineered from the ground up to provide the loudest cleanest sound for the most demanding riders
  • Audioformz EVO2 6.5" or 8" Speakers or our class leading 8" EVO Pro2 speakers with NEO magnets and Carbon Fiber cones that provide an additional 3-4 db output!
  • 100% composite basket, rubber surrounds and poly cones to withstand the harshest environment.
  • Over-sized voice coils for superior power handling and 1" titanium tweeters for crystal clear crisp highs when its needed most
  • Super bright IC LED built into every speaker to light up the night
  • Proprietary patent pending optional IC LED exterior speaker rings exclusively designed to fit Audioformz EVO2 speakers
  • Titanium grey grills included to protect the vitals.  Optional white grills are available
  • 80W RMS up to a staggering 125W RMS power handling depending on model
  • Optional LIVID flush mount rectangular high powered dual 10W 6000K white CREE LED lights in all aluminum housings with quick disconnects
  • Each dual 10W LED light housing puts out over 1800 lumens (lm)
  • Proprietary flush mounting offers superior resistance to damage from low objects
  • Spot 10* and flood 60* options or combine for the ultimate night riding experience.
  • Quick disconnects allow for fast and easy replacement if light needs to be replaced
  • Fit up to eight (8) flush mount dual 10W CREE LED white lights across front of top
  • Optional dual 10W white CREE side mount LED light provides lighting on both sides of vehicle
  • Dual 10W white CREE LED rear flush mount LED light provides lighting over cargo area and when backing up vehicle
  • Patent Pending EVO speaker light rings for 6.5" and 8" speakers (installs around speaker)
  • Audioformz (FM) flush mount 550.4 is our newest, highest efficiency, full range class d amplifier to date and used in level 2 and 3 tops.  This NOW outperforms the competition!
  • Audioformz (MM) multi-mount amplifiers are an exclusive design, used for our stereo tops , with top mounted controls.
  • Flush mount design aids in heat dissipation and allows longer playing times
  • Class D design offers the most power and smallest chassis design available today
  • Best power to output efficiency to work with power sport charging systems
  • Powersport specific design to withstand the vibration and harshest riding conditions!
  • AudioFormz MM Flush Mount Series 800.4 4x200 RMS 4 channel digital amplifier powers four to eight speakers (800W RMS bridged)
  • AudioFormz MM Flush Mount Series 800.2 2x400 RMS 2 channel digital amplifier powers two to four speakers or bridged subwoofer (760W RMS bridged)
  • Add up to two (2) amps to power stereo top speakers or power optional tower speakers or external mounted subwoofers with dedicated wiring from top
  • Audioformz PMC-2 Premium bluetooth media player with AM/FM tuner, 50x4 built in amp, color screen, video input, F/R/S output.
  • Audioformz PMC-1 marine bluetooth media player with FM tuner, 50x4 built in amp and aux in.
  • Nav-Atlas NA30C marine bluetooth compact media player with FM tuner. Subwoofer out with separate volume control.
  • Hertz HMR20 Source unit with Hi resolution display, Bluetooth, 50wx4, F/R-S with dual zone control.
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Level 1

MSRP $2,100


Level 2

MSRP $2,850

Level 3

MSRP $3,600

Level 4

MSRP $4,200


Level 5

MSRP $4,650